The food for skin!

Mesotherapy is a procedure used to inject nutrients, multivitamins, enzymes and revitalising solutions directly into the superficial skin layers where it triggers a rejuvenating effect and brings a smoothness and glow to the skin.

Procedure Timer

Variable, Depending On Area Covered


Mild Discomfort


None or Topical

Full Recovery

24-48 hours

Result Duration

4-6 Months


Bruising, Stinging and Itching


How does the treatment work ?

By injecting nutrients like multivitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes directly into the skin, your skin rejuvenates from within. By rebuilding its own collagen, the skin gains the luminous and healthy look. The skin regains its tone and elasticity. Mesotherapy also reduces fine wrinkles and is therefore good treatment for face, neck and chest area.

MESOFAT TREATMENT: Stubborn areas of localised fat can also be treated with mesotherapy by dissolving fat in these areas when certain remedies are injected into them.

The remedies destroy the fat cells which are then eliminated from the body by normal physiological way. This method provides a safer and effective alternative to liposuction.

Is it safe and does it hurt ?

These procedures are safe and are being used widely all over the world. Usually painless or mild discomfort at the time of procedure which is also short lasting.

Are there any side effacts ?

The commonest side effects is bruising which usually resolves in one week. There may be itching with fat dissolving therapies which again resolve within a week.

What can I expect after treatment ?

There could be redness and mild stinging sensation soon after the treatment which usually resolves within an hour.

Sometimes there could be bruising which could take a week to resolve.

Aftercare advice

It is advised to keep the skin clean and not to apply any makeup for at least 24-48 hours after the procedure. Also to prevent exposure to heat for same duration.

It is also advised to apply SPF 30 plus after the procedure to prevent sun damage and to have maximum chances of effective treatment.

If redness, swelling or stinging then can apply ice on the affected areas.

Contact the clinic immediately if you have any concerns.

Price List

Treatment Name Charges
Startting From(Based on individual treatment and area covered) £200
Lip Enhancement Starting from £275


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