A common question that  often get asked by people who have been having treatment for a year or more. Botox is absorbed quickly by the nerve terminals in the muscle, over a matter of hours, and any product not taken up is rapidly removed from the area and excreted by the body. It does not ‘build up’ in the system, and long term treatment will maintain the desired results.

If a client decides to stop having regular botulinum toxin treatment, muscle movement will return, and with this, so will the wrinkles, though because the area has been wrinkle free for a time, this is often perceived as ‘worsening’ of the wrinkles. In fact, if a person had never had Botox, the wrinkles by this stage would be much more prominent and numerous.

An international study recently released at the American Society for Dermatological Surgery shows repeated Botox treatments to treat facial wrinkles over many years are safe. The study involved 200 people who had been using Botox for 5 or more continuous years and who had at least one treatment per year for glabellar frown lines – generally described as the number “11” vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Since Botox was introduced into the UK marketplace in 1994, its popularity and usage has increased dramatically and is now being used to combat other conditions such as Migraines and Sweating.